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Created for #EndJam2019 

9 hours / 22 spirits is a GMless horror game for 2-4 players where you take on the role of friends grown apart in the wake of a tragedy in your youth. 

As you come back together at the decaying site of your old high school one last time for closure, you are plunged into a world of darkness and death where only the bonds of your old friendship give you a hope of survival. 

Discover whether or not time and distance have changed each of you, and if your bonds have held fast or frayed as you try to survive the cruel corridors of a cursed school until daybreak.

The game includes:

  • PDF instructions for play
  • Print and play cards 
  • PNGs of all cards for use with virtual tabletops 
  • TTRPG Safety Tools and guidelines for use

Content Warnings: Death*, violence, madness, body horror

*Your characters dying is a core element of game play, though the means and level of detail applied in depicting this event are up to player discretion. Tackle only what you and your friends are comfortable with. An optional rule is available for players who do not wish to engage in character death at all in the game.

Due to the potential for frightening subject matter, this game is recommended for ages 18+.

Safety tools are included and embedded into setup of the game, and players are encouraged to employ them in addition to any others they prefer.


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Heckin' spooky! There's a lot of good ghost research that went into this game. Card prompts make things get real dark real quick.