Name Change: Ancient Stones is now The Land Whispers

The game formerly known as Ancient Stones is from now on titled The Land Whispers

Because a name change is significant and can cause some confusion, especially after a game's been out for awhile, I feel some explanation is in order.

So why the name change?

I've made no secret that the title Ancient Stones was directly lifted from a track off the Skyrim soundtrack, and that the game's mood was initially at least partly inspired by that game. It was right there in the PDF, in fact. Recent news surrounding the composer of said soundtrack left me appalled and upset. I won't detail it here; but before you go searching, mind the content warning of abuse and worse figures into the news. Because I absolutely, under no circumstances support, condone, or excuse such behavior, I've chosen to remove all references to work by or related to that individual from my own work-- which meant my game needed a new name.

Having played and watched the game played with several wonderful friends across the TTRPG community, having heard the stories you've told using the game, I've chosen what I think is a much more worthy title in The Land Whispers. This is often a calm game; reflective and gentle, or subdued and mysterious-- it whispers. The stories told often emerge through the landscapes you create together; the land itself is a character in the story you tell, as much as each of the players at the table are. 

And so we now have The Land Whispers to help tell your stories. It's the same game it always was, but with a title that belongs to all of us.

Happy discoveries, friends.


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Aug 28, 2019

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