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We played this on the actual play podcast Hope's Hearth and it was so much fun. Kit (cohost of Abbey Archives, a Redwall reread podcast) played with me. We maybe broke the game a little bit by making it about an environmental research team discovering a giant underground cavern with its own weather patterns, but the prompts still fit well. We made weird creatures, came up with interesting history, and it was just an amazing game to play. 

It was a fantastic addition to the universe lore, and I absolutely want to play this game again.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! I'll have to go check out the podcast and give it a listen; I love hearing about the stories folks make with this little game. 

It's funny you mention doing an underground theme-- I have an underground setting extension of this on the backburner. :3c  Along with a few others.


:0 Oh man I would love to play that extension!!
and here's links directly to the episodes so you dont need to search for them :D

Last night I got to try out this game we had a lot of fun with it building our homestead and finding out what had gone on in the area before we moved into it. If your game is missing a player pull this little gem out of the folder and give it a try. 

What my group and I liked best was that is a non-combative game and mapping out our homestead. I would get this game out of others that are not Roleplayers and I am sure we would have a great time and they would slip into roleplaying very quickly. 

Sometimes we can take a bit of time to come up with answers (mostly me) to the questions if this happens to you make sure to set up that timer!


The Land Whispers is a 1-4 player non-violent card-based tabletop homesteading/world exploration game. It's 17 pages, and black and white, and lovely.

It takes influence from The Quiet Year, but it moves away from the timers and projects and other disconnected mechanical bits to focus on storytelling, and I think it's stronger for it.

Land Whispers is focused. You draw a hand. Each card is a question. You answer them, and then play rotates.

The cards focus on small, concrete details, but those details are evocative.

You describe a typical breakfast, and that shows what supplies you have, and what you can forage. You describe your daily chores, and those show the foundation that your survival rests on.

Everything feels really anchoring---even when it's introducing concepts that have to do with peril, conflict, or hardship---and I think the game does a very good job of connecting people to it, and then connecting those people to each other.

If you like storytelling games, or stories about the frontier, or just the idea of escaping with several of your friends to a cabin in the wilderness, I would absolutely suggest checking this out. Even if you bounced off of Quiet Year, Land Whispers is different.


This is such a beautiful, thorough review! ;A; Thank you so much for the positive feedback; I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the game.  <3

It's a really lovely game! Thank you for writing it!

A very nice worldbuilding game, with a distinct nostalgic tint and the good idea to focus things on a PC rather than on a bird's eye view of the world created!

Deep and provoking, definitely recommend!

This game is an unbelievably good resource for creating unique worlds and settings, or just having a great time with friends. A must have!


An amazing storytelling game with simple prompts that really get the creative brain juices flowing!


Highly recommended. Really love it and well worth the price!


Easily the best worldbuilding game I've played! There's so much room for creation and imagination, but the game never leaves you without something to build from.